Vegan Gastronomy wholesale

Meatless Nourishment isn’t a short-term trend! In Germany there are over 40 million flexitarians with an increasing tendency. Vegan cuisine is healthy and wholesome and more and more people set value on health, ecology, animal- and climate protection. The growth of the market segment of vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives is higher than ever before and registered a revenue increase of 34%.

The increasing number of people who wants to renounce meat, doesn’t want to do it just at their domestic stove. According to a forsa survey, 73% of the interviewee think it is sensible to reduce the amount of meat they are eating and support a reduced offering of meat at the canteen. Capture a new target group in a simple way and increase your sales figures.

Enthuse your customers with creative, pure plant-based meals. Vegapark, as a vegan wholesale, provides you with a wide selection of delicious meat alternatives that are not just vegetarian but vegan as well.

With products from Vegapark, you easily expand your menu with delicious, healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Profit from the practical storage and the low cost of goods of our dry goods as the soya strips, the vegan schnitzel made of soya and our soya mince. Soya is a high-value protein supplier and contains valuable vitamins, minerals and fibres. Other advantages are the easy and fast preparation and processing as well as the very low fat content. The long shelf life of one to two years and the large containers make it easy to plan the use of goods long-term. Our bulk packs of tofu which you can obtain in our wholesale are very popular as well.

Prepare a tasty züricher strips or curry strips with our soya strips for example. You can prepare a bologna or another mincemeat dish with our soya mince in next to no time. A classic schnitzel dish tastes just as good cooked with our vegetarian schnitzel.

Vegaparks product line meets the demands of a system gastronomy, a canteen kitchen as well as a snack bar or haute cuisine.

Offer your guests a savoury and tasty curry sausage with the vegan Thüringer made by Topas or provide your vegan and vegetarian guests with a really tasty vegan doner kebab or gyros.

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