Vegapark your vegan wholesale

Vegapark the vegan wholesale with a 12 year experience in trading vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat, is your competent partner for supplying vegan products.

Be a trendsetter with Vegapark and make your customers happy! Vegetarian and vegan nourishment isn’t just a trend, it’s also healthy and salubrious. More and more people are setting a high value on health, ecology, animal- and climate protection. The increase at the market segment of a vegetarian and vegan alternative to meat at LEH (grocery retail trade) is currently at 34% (source Vebu 2013), increase your sales figures and order this very day at your vegan wholesale Vegapark. Reach over 40 million flexitarians in Germany who are consuming less meat or live completely vegetarian with our vegan wholesale.

Also, an increasing number of the flexitarians are realigning to a vegan lifestyle. See the potential and order from our wholesale pure vegan grocery.

Reasons for a meatless diet are manifold, the motivation can be spiritual or religious. In this country ethic, environmental and health reasons overweight. It is undisputed that vegans prevent the suffering of animals to a greater extent than vegetarians. The bottom line is that vegans are performing better in their ecobalance than meat eating people and vegetarians. Considering the numbers of severe illnesses such as osteoarthrosis, rheumatism, gout, high blood pressure, heart attack and strokes it is questionable, if the daily amount of consumed animal protein can really be healthy.

Our vegan wholesale provides you with all products necessary for a healthy, meatless diet. Vegapark offers you grocery with the required nutrients, vital substances, vitamins and micronutrients off mostly controlled biological cultivation.

Our meat alternatives are produced under the directive DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 as well as the sanitary regulations under HACCP. Vegapark delivers from a single box to a palette to a whole truck with best service and on good terms.

At Vegapark, benefit from short lead times, attractive prices, a varied product range and a personal, individual customer service. 

Via Vegapark, your vegan wholesale, obtain among other brands the new exclusive vegan brand Veggy Friends. With innovative products and a modern and striking (eventuell hier noticeable anstelle von striking) package design Veggy Friends sets fresh impulses in the segment.

The Vegapark Team looks forward to a good business relationship.

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